RJ BioEnergy

RJ BioEnergy has for long been involved in biomass trade & supply and in the development of biorefineries.


We focus on biomass which meets sustainability criteria and on opportunities of higher valorisation by conversion of biomass to biofuels and biochemicals.


Plantations and energy crops will be needed to meet future demand of sustainable biomass. We look at opportunities to support an increasing role of plantations in the international biomass supply chains. International supply of biomass may also be greatly enhanced by extension of pelletizing facilities close to biomass sources. In addition, we do not overlook the potential of local biomass, like agricultural, industrial and household waste, and, not to forget, CO2.


For biofuels and biochemicals to take off in a sustainable and circular economy, biorefineries and biochemical plants are urgently needed for conversion of biomass into sustainable products like bioethanol, biooil, bio jet, biodiesel, biogas, bio sugars and biochemicals.


However, the development and realization of such refineries and plants present a complicated process. Organizing appropriate biomass – in terms of both quality and quantity as well as logistics – is a challenge. Upscaling of conversion technology to a commercial level is a bridge that still has to be crossed in many cases. And, last but not least, matching conversion technology with the right biomass may seem easy, but it is not.


It is also not helpful that there are no – or hardly any – integrated biofuels/biochemicals businesses that cover, or strive to cover, the whole supply chain from upstream biomass sourcing to downstream sales and distribution of biofuels and biochemicals.


In other words, system integrators are needed to give biofuels and biochemicals the push needed for a sustainable future. Therefore, we have also entered the arena of development and realization of biorefineries and biochemical plants. To that effect, we have forged relationships with other businesses which enable us to cope with the multidisciplinary challenge of developing such new industrial complexes. As a result, we are also being driven by new technologies such as technology to convert CO2, wastewater and sludge into green gas. 


At present, we are involved in the development of three biorefineries. However, we are also looking for new business opportunities that may contribute to a sustainable, biobased or circular economy. Particularly, in the domain of integration of biomass supply chains with new technologies allowing for conversion of biomass to biofuels and biochemicals.


It is RJ BioEnergy’s objective to become an international, biobased industry.


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